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March 7th, 2014 shining pig

Shining Pig from Ø friends recordings

Shining Pig is the latest Ø friends recordings release for 2014
It’s a gay day when all the silences gather together behind your back and the levity disappears with your sentences before other words in other words ..more..

January 16th, 2014 coversignaldropout

Signal Dropout Radio Single – Ø friends recordings

Signal Dropout Radio Single by the Ø friends recordings.
Bedeviled by creeping screen-culture memory-chic creep and the depths to which the winter sun sunk, Signal Dropout Radio Single is a freeze frame of an haphazardly taped together ..more..

October 25th, 2013 quisling meet

Time When Open Long Marsh North Road Node

Out with Open Long Marsh transfigured a New multi-volumed release from the Quisling Meet
Time When Open Long Marsh North Road Node volumes are Mono-emissions room recordings from The Quisling Meet. Sprung from the idea of a ..more..

May 14th, 2013 frozencan

Frozen Can – yet another one from the album archive

Anarcho-groovathon from the mammas and papas of the Lancaster underground non-gigging avante-jam guitar army stoner collective, The Bits, Frozen Can will provide a well loose backdrop to your dry heave on a Monday afternoon.
This one we ..more..

May 11th, 2013 anautomalbun+ANAUTOFRONT

Anautomalbun – another one from the album archive

Classic super lo-fi avante-folk psyche diy 4-track late 90′s album Anautomalbun by the plastic noon’s is once more available.
Back before myspace and all that guff, when the only 4-track was almost always a tape cassette 4-track ..more..

April 28th, 2013 quislingfalsekin

False Kindred Insides, New Album by Quisling Meet

0friendsrecordings New Album -  False Kindred Insides, by Quisling Meet released in digital format this very day 2013.
Hot on the heels of the last fresh new album from Quisling Meet 0friends ist putting out another with ..more..

April 27th, 2013 enlightenedonce

Enlightened Once – from the album archive

Mega intellect rumbunctuous trans-atlantic pacific state type of album Enlightened Once, under the moniker of Plunge Pool, dug out from the archives of 0friendsrecordings so that you can listen to the sheer unconquerable cliff face in ..more..

April 14th, 2013 pddratyorkiesquare

Deeper Coiling Fruth – from the album archive

Deeper Coiling Fruth – continuing our excavation of the album archive.
Deeper Coiling Fruth by Pèanté-Dhuton Dblaumesh Rüam. A stripped down and primitive howl and stomp made with amplified bodhran and electric guitar, recorded under duress and ..more..

March 31st, 2013 quislingsecretlovesSM

Secret Loves Stone Cold, New Album by Quisling Meet

Quisling Meet release a new album called “Secret Loves Stone Cold”, taking free-form indigenous non-trad into 2013 in the service of the blighted apostates and leveraging, self-sociopathic reclusives.
Quisling Meet

Battling against the sway ..more..